Rob Brennan
Counsel, Smolak & Vaughan LLP

Rob Brennan is an attorney, real estate professional and public policy advocate with an accomplished background in law and housing development. Rob is Counsel at the law firm of Smolak & Vaughan LLP representing real estate developers, builders and landowners in creating sustainable housing across a broad spectrum of community models throughout Massachusetts. Rob and his family are residents of Barnstable and he focuses his civic involvement at intersection of “Housing AND Climate.”  In addition to his law practice, Rob chairs the Government Affairs Committee for the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Massachusetts (HBRAMA), and he serves on the Leadership Council and the State & Local Government Affairs Committee for the National Association of Home Builders. Rob’s efforts to advance housing and climate interests in lockstep have included commissioning the 2023 “Public Policy for Net Zero Homes and Affordability” study by MIT and Wentworth.  A native of Somerville, Rob draws inspiration from Greentown Labs and is working to attract innovators to Cape Cod who are up to the challenge of solving for housing that is climate resilient, net zero and affordable.  Rob’s real estate projects on Cape Cod include Heritage Sands in Dennis Port and 255 Main Street in Hyannis.