Chatham Marconi Maritime Center

Participants will receive a private tour of the Marconi complex and learn the history of Chatham’s purchase, historic restoration, and current use of the 11-acre, ten-building campus, all constructed in 1914.

Date: Tuesday, July 30
Meeting Time: 2:30PM
Duration: 90 minutes
Participants: Up to 18
Fee: Complimentary

Meeting Location: Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, 831 & 847 Orleans Road (Rte. 28) North Chatham, MA 02650. The Marconi Center is about a 5 minute drive from the Wequassett Resort.

Mobile Workshop 2019


Participants will receive a private tour of the Marconi complex and learn the history of Chatham’s purchasehistoric restoration, and current use of the 11-acre, ten-building campus, all constructed in 1914. A museum, education center, STEM education program, and newly converted affordable housing highlight the unique ways that the National Register historic buildings have been reused to meet community needs. 

ABOUT – Founded in 2002, the Center is a non-profit organization.  Its mission is executed through operation of the Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum and the advancement of youth STEM Education in communications science.  The Center occupies two buildings on the 11.3-acre campus which comprised the former Marconi-RCA Wireless Receiving Station, once the busiest ship-to-shore station on the East Coast and a significant military installation (during World War II).  The Operations Building now houses the Marconi-RCA Wireless Museum offering interactive exhibits tracing the story of maritime wireless communication in Chatham from its formative days with Marconi, through the 20th Century.  The recently renovated Residence Building, also briefly known as the Hotel Nautilus, is now the Education Center housing classroom facilities, exhibit and event space, and administrative offices.