2023 Mobile Workshop

Atwood Museum Tour, Chatham, MA


Date: Tuesday, August 1
Meet at Registration Desk: 2:15PM
Departure Time: 2:30PM
Return Time: 4:00PM
Participants: Up to 20
Fee: Complimentary

Transportation: Shuttle bus provided by CCRTA

Other notes: The tour is a walking tour and includes some walking including over natural and potentially uneven surfaces.


Join Sarah Korjeff, the Commission’s Historic Preservation Specialist, in exploring the Atwood Museum in Chatham with a guided tour of the 1750s Atwood House and property. The workshop will will focus on under-represented histories and highlight the construction of a Wampanoag wetu on site and the Alice Stallknect Mural Barn, which holds an impressive collection of paintings by a local woman artist in the 1930s and 1940s.

Session Leads:  

  • Sarah Korjeff, Planner II & Historic Preservation Specialist, Cape Cod Commission
  • Elisabeth Kellam, Community Design Planner, Cape Cod Commission
  • Atwood Museum, Chatham Historical Society


Sarah Korjeff works as Historic Preservation Specialist and Planner for the Cape Cod Commission.  She is a primary author of the Commission’s cultural heritage and community design guidance documents, and she has led planning efforts to make zoning consistent with community design goals in several towns and historic districts in the region.  She provides training and technical assistance to Historical Commissions and Historic District Committees across Cape Cod.  Sarah holds a master’s degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania.