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10:40 a.m. Equitable Strategies for Climate Action

While big changes like the widespread electrification of the transportation system and home heating are needed to meet climate action goals, it is important not to forget other tools in the climate action toolbox. This is particularly important for climate actions with multiple co-benefits and those that benefit members of the community with the greatest needs. This session will highlight programs and investment strategies that tackle climate challenges in a way that is accessible to a wide cross-section of our communities.

  • Steven Tupper | Deputy Director, Cape Cod
  • Briana Kane | Residential Program Manager, Cape Light
  • Tom Cahir | Administrator, Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
  • Jason DeGray | Boston Office Director, Toole Design

Room: Pavilion

10:40 a.m. Community Supported Local Housing Action

As the region grapples with a housing crisis, municipalities can utilize changes to their zoning and land acquisition to lay the groundwork to forward improved affordable and accessible housing. This session will feature examples of towns successfully advancing articles related to housing affordability and development at town meetings with input and support from the community.

  • Jay Coburn | President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Development
  • Paul Lagg | Director of Community Development, Town of Eastham
  • Alex Morse, Town Manager, Town of Provincetown

Room: Cape Villa 1&2

10:40 a.m. Cape Cod’s Freshwater Initiative

This session will feature recently completed and upcoming work under the Freshwater Initiative including the Cape Cod Pond and Lake Atlas and Pond Atlas Viewer; ongoing work on remote sensing, data management, and analysis for pond water quality monitoring; and plans to engage stakeholders and facilitate communications around pond management. Attendees will also learn about the Association to Preserve Cape Cod’s Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program and efforts to expand freshwater monitoring efforts.

  • Tim Pasakarnis | Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission
  • Tara Nye Lewis | Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission
  • Kathleen Mason | Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission
  • Andrew Gottlieb | Executive Director, Association to Preserve Cape

Room: Cape Villa 3

2:40 p.m. Regional Resources to Address Our Housing Crisis

Tackling our housing challenges requires a thorough understanding of the problem and a range of different strategies and tools. This session will provide an overview of data describing our existing housing landscape, local mapping tools identifying areas suitable for housing, and resources for developing accessory dwelling units in the region.  

  • Kerry Spitzer | Research Manager, Economic and Public Policy Research, Donahue Institute at UMass Amherst
  • Alisa Magnotta | Chief Executive Officer, Housing Assistance Corporation
  • Andrew Gottlieb | Executive Director, Association to Preserve Cape Cod
  • Jay Coburn | President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Development Partnership

Room: Pavilion

2:40 p.m. Climate Solutions for the Built Environment

Adapting our built environment and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions are both keys to regional climate action. This session will provide overviews of efforts and resources for adapting our built environment to the threats from climate change and developing in a way that works to mitigate the sources of climate change. 

  • Sarah Korjeff | Planner, Historic Preservation, Cape Cod Commission
  • Leslie-Ann McGee | Director of Special Projects, Marine Facilities and Operations, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Joanne Bissetta | Director, Green Communities Division, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  • Lori Ferriss | Director of Sustainability and Climate Action, Goody Clancy

Room: Cape Villa 1&2

2:40 p.m. Charging Towards an Electric Future

The transportation sector accounts for 55% of the region’s greenhouse gas emissions, with 85% of the contributions in that sector coming from on-road activities. This session will highlight advancements in the electrification of the (on-road) transportation sector on Cape Cod including the increase in electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations in the region. The session will describe the challenges and opportunities related to EV station development and actions municipalities can take to support EV station deployment. The session will also highlight efforts by the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority to enhance public transportation options, support regional EV adoption, and plan for the future of their vehicle fleet.

  • Steven Tupper | Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission
  • Benjamin Revette | Associate Vice President, Dewberry
  • Brian Picariello | Senior Consultant, VEIC
  • Tom Cahir | Administrator, Cape Cod Regional Transit

Room: Cape Villa 3