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1:00 P.M. | Promoting Context-Sensitive Housing Design

The design of housing is a critical component of housing developments that embody and enhance a community. Encouraging conscientious and context-sensitive design for housing developments can be achieved in different ways. Speakers in this session will discuss how to foster housing developments that meet both a community’s needs and visual character.

  • Sarah Korjeff, Planner II & Historic Preservation Specialist, Cape Cod Commission
  • Tim Love, Principal, Utile
  • Elizabeth Jenkins, Director, Planning & Development, Town of Barnstable

Room: Pavilion

1:00 P.M. | Small Scale, Big Impact: Supporting the Local Economy

The Cape’s economy is rooted in small, local businesses, including a strong arts and culture sector. Enabling these businesses to thrive is critical to the region’s economic vitality. Speakers in this session will provide examples from across the country for supporting and fostering local, authentic arts, culture, and businesses for a stronger community.

  • Jonathan Berk, Vice President, Growth & Partnerships, Mainvest
  • Julie Wake, Executive Director, Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
  • Tara Vargas Wallace, Founder & CEO, Amplify POC
  • Chloe Schaefer, Chief Planner, Cape Cod Commission

Room: Cape Villa 1&2

1:00 P.M. | Building Our Transportation Future

Our transportation network has evolved over centuries, but is it ready to meet the needs of our region’s future? This session will highlight planning efforts and projects across the region spanning the areas of transportation, climate change, and environmental protection.

  • Dean Audet, Senior Vice President, Fuss & O’Neill
  • Patrick Tierney, Senior Transportation Engineer, Fuss & O’Neill
  • David Nolan, Senior Transportation Planner, Cape Cod Commission
  • Steven Tupper, Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission
  • Colleen Medeiros, Transportation Program Manager, Cape Cod Commission

Room: Cape Villa 3

2:30 P.M. | Getting to Yes: Advancing Housing Initiatives 

Implementing housing initiatives to allow for more diverse housing options—whether new funding mechanisms, changing zoning, or developing a new program—requires significant work to engage and educate the community. Speakers in this session will discuss successful examples of getting housing initiatives approved.

  • Nolan Gray, Research Director, California YIMBY
  • Alisa Magnotta, CEO, Housing Assistance Corporation
  • Jay Coburn, President & CEO, Community Development Partnership
  • Martha Hevenor, Planner II, Cape Cod Commission

Room: Pavilion

2:30 P.M. | Cape Cod Ponds Network Meeting

The Cape Cod Ponds Network was convened in 2022 in response to growing concern over the health of Cape Cod’s 890 freshwater ponds. To continue promoting engagement around Cape Cod’s ponds, attendees will participate in collaborative and informative discussion groups. Topics will include organizing an association, communicating challenges and solutions, and monitoring your pond.

  • Nicole Bartlett, Regional Coordinator, NOAA North Atlantic Regional Collaboration Team
  • Kathleen Mason, Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission
  • Tim Pasakarnis, PhD, Water Resources Analyst, Cape Cod Commission

Room: Cape Villa 1&2

2:30 P.M. | Broadband & Digital Equity: Closing the Cape’s Digital Divide

Major investment in broadband infrastructure and digital equity across the nation has generated new initiatives and opportunities to close the digital divide. This session will discuss the recently launched Regional Broadband Needs Assessment. Speakers will provide an overview of local digital equity activities and discuss the connection between these efforts and the Massachusetts State Digital Equity Plan, sharing opportunities for actors of all levels to support a connected Cape Cod.

  • David Talbot, Director of Research Services, CTC Technology & Energy
  • Myles Kamisher-Koch, Broadband Consultant, Rural Innovation Strategies Inc.
  • Cheryl Coss, Manager, Digital Equity, Outreach & Engagement, Massachusetts Broadband Institute
  • Steven Tupper, Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission

Room: Cape Villa 3